Daughter of the Goddess Lands

19 Nov


Daughter of the Goddess Lands is the unforgettable saga of Kal!
ie, a courageous young heroine born into the untamed beauty of prehistoric Europe.

Kalie’s peaceful life is shattered when a brutal attack by horsemen from the east leave her scarred in body and soul. As the sole survivor of the assault, Kalie makes her way home, and warns her people to prepare for the invasion that she knows is coming. But the goddess-worshiping farmers of her home have no concept of battle, and dismiss Kalie’s warning.

When the marauders strike again, they cut a swath of destruction and death that prove too late the truth of Kalie’s words. Then Haraak, the leader of the invaders, demands a tribute of gold, grain and women in exchange for sparing her village. Yet it is in Harak’s cruel show of power that Kalie sees a chance to save her people–and gain revenge for herself.

Kalie leads a group of volunteers to infiltrate the horseman’s society, and then destroy them from within. Once she is among them, Kalie uses her skill as a storyteller, and her knowledge of healing to penetrate the horsemen’s inner circle and to discover the secrets that could lead to their destruction.

But Kalie discovers that price of revenge is high, and that a quest for vengeance can become a journey of healing and redemption.

Daughter of the Goddess Lands is available in print and Kindle at Amazon.

Click here to read a sample chapter of Daughter of the Goddess Lands.


One Response to “Daughter of the Goddess Lands”

  1. StoneLord1 July 26, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    hi, I’m going to buy this book. I think prehistoric fiction is a bit of neglected genre and it’s one I really enjoy.I have written a prehistoric novel myself, which I’m aiming to get out this October. It’s basically the retelling of the Arthuian legends but in the era of Stonehenge, and set in the Salisbury Plain area. I live just down the road and have actually done archaeology nearby. What is your favourite culture/period of prehistory?

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