Shadow of the Horsemen

19 Nov


Shadow of the Horsemen is the sequal to Daughter of the Goddess Lands, the unforgettable saga of Kalie, a courageous young heroine born into the untamed beauty of prehistoric Europe.

Kalie has survived a full year as a slave—and spy—among the tribes of Aahk.  While her skills at healing and storytelling have raised her status, Kalie fears that she is no closer to learning the secret of how to destroy her enemies than when she first arrived.

But when the king dies under mysterious circumstances, and a weak and untried prince is placed as a puppet king for a ruthless traitor, Kalie knows she must act soon to prevent the conquest of her peaceful homeland.  She is joined in her quest by Riyik, whose crippled son Kalie has been caring for.  Riyik, too, opposes Haraak, and while their reasons are different, Kalie and Riyik find soon find themselves working together.

While Haraak struggles to gather the tribes into a vast horde, ready to sweep wes!
tward, Kalie, Riyik and their followers must take a desperate gamble to defeat Haraak and destroy the alliance.

Shadow of the Horsemen will be released in print and on Kindle in 2012.

 Click here to read a sample chapter of Shadow of the Horsemen.


One Response to “Shadow of the Horsemen”

  1. K M December 30, 2011 at 1:08 am #

    Sandy, I am reading your fanfic "The Land of Missed Opportunities" and just completed reading the chapter when Marthona passes. It brought tears to my eyes. I just had to find a way to tell you that I am truly enjoying your writing; particularly, in light of the lack of enjoyment of LotPC. So, I googled your name and found this site. I will loo!
    k into obtaining your first novel, Daughter of the Goddess Lands. Looking forward to reading it as what I’ve read so far on ecfans convinces me that you are a gifted writer.

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