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Reading Group Questions for "Daughter of the Goddess Lands"

22 Feb

1.       Early in the novel, Kalie appears to be suffering from what today we might call PTSD.  Does this make her a more or less sympathetic character?  Did you wonder if someone so broken would ever become the “hero” that most readers expect the protagonist to be?

2.      Compare the expectations for the future a girl from Kalie’s home might have with those of a girl from Haraak’s tribe.  Compare both with the expectations of girls who live in America today.

3.      While Maris supports Kalie’s plan to infiltrate the nomad’s society, the two women have very different goals.  Which do you find more admirable?   More believable?

4.      Why does Kalie choose to adopt Varena?  What do you think of her reasons?

5.      Consider the importance of storytelling to the novel.  Are any of the stories told by Kalie or the other women familiar to you?  What do they add to the overall story?

6.      In what ways do Kalie’s goals and priorities change in the course of her journey?  What accounts for these changes?  Can you identify any particular turning point for her character?

7.      How does “Daughter of the Goddess Lands” compare to other works of prehistoric fiction that you have read?

8.      The novel ends on something of a cliffhanger.  Are you interested in reading the next book of the series?  Why or why not?