Guest Post with Mark Steve

19 Aug

I recently blogged about Victorian authors H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, and their contribution to   early prehistoric fiction.  Today, my guest guest Mark Steve looks at their contributions to steampunk–along with a much loved genius we rarely think of as belonging in the steampunk genre.

Leonardo’s Fiction Versus Steampunk Fiction

Science fiction is thought to be the subject Victorian era. During this period, authors like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne fictionalized the futuristic technologies in their novels.  Time machines, space crafts, and many other things, which are invented in the modern times, or which we still see the in dreams are available in the steampunk literature of the Victorian era.

But, do you know that such fictions were started in t!
he renaissance age also? We can take the example of Leonardo da Vinci in this regard. This great man revealed some great inventions of today in his portraits nearly five hundred years ago. The portrait of a flying machine is the best example in this regard. During that era, flying of a human in the sky was thought to be a dream. But, Leonardo fantasized this machine 400 years before the invention of the aeroplane. He also worked on various other things also of the modern technology, like war vehicles and submarines.

However, there is a big difference between the steampunk science fiction and the fiction of Leonardo. The punk fictions are reflected in the form of novels and stories. Leonardo’s works can be witnessed in his paintings and other artistic works. Besides, the punk fiction is entirely based on the steam energy. All the advancements of this fictional technology work on the steam power, as these novels were written in the era of steam engines. On the other hand, there is no such necessity in the Leonardo‘s work. The reason behind this is that Leonardo was an independent researcher and the renaissance age was free from the preconception of steam power.

There is no doubt that geniuses like Leonardo were the torch bearers of the renaissance movement. This movement was based of art and culture, and the constant flow of thoughts was flourished during this period.

Today also, we can witness the people’s interest in that golden period of Europe. The renaissance festivals are the best examples in this respect, which allow you to step back to the medieval time. On the other hand, renaissance costumes are also popular a lot among the people of today. These costumes are in the flamboyant colors and designs. During the renaissance age, people stopped wearing the natural-style dresses, and started wearing the showy outfits. Such dresses are popular today in the festivals and the other themed events.


Mark Steve is a Historian, researcher and writer. He regularly write articles, reviews on books and novels on Historical topics related to Medieval, Renaissance, Pirate, gothic & Steampunk themes. If you want to know more about him and his blog, then see:  Renaissance Outfits, The Goth Code and The middle ages.




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