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IN THE BALANCE: a Collection of Short Fiction was published today!

20 Jan

My first post in 2013 is the one where I get to announce the publication of my third book!  (Cue the music)  This is also the book with which I was most involved in the technical side of things.  I learned so much that very soon, I might have to give up the title of technophobe!  (Well, maybe eventually:))

I never thought I would publish a short story collection, and I hope that people will want to read it.  In the Balance includes my first two professional sales, seven previously unpublished short stories, and a novelette set in the same universe as my two novels, Daughter of the Goddess Lands and Shadow of the Horsemen. 

In the Balance is available in Kindle format only (sigh; I fear paper books are going the way of dinasours!) and can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.!