Welcome to the 7/7 Blog Challenge!

25 Feb

C.P. Lesley, a writer and member of Goodreads, recruited me for this blog challenge. I agreed—well, frankly, because it sounded like fun. The rules are simple: post seven lines from p. 7 (or 77) of my work in progress; thank C.P. for inviting me with a link back to her blog; and talk seven other writers into participating by posting seven lines from the appropriate pages of their works in progress, thanking/linking to me, posting the challenge rules, and finding seven other authors to carry on the chain.   Like a chain letter, but more fun!  (And one that might introduce a lot of people to good books they might not otherwise discover.)

My current project, due out early this summer, is The Seal Queen, a shapeshifter fantasy set in Bronze Age Ireland.  It tells the story of Briah, a slave girl who escapes, meets the roane (shapeshifting seal like selkies, only Irish), and discovers her own mysterious connection to them.

My seven lines from P. 7 find Briah in the hold of a slave ship, just after seeing the ocean for the first time.  She is telling the story of Lir, her terrifying former captor, to a fellow slave:

      And since they were many leagues away from where Lir sat like a spider in his lair, Briah repeated the story she had heard once, from a slave who she never saw again; the story she liked the best.  “They say his father was a demon, but his mother an ordinary mortal.  So he has demon power, but not immortality.  And he’s been driven mad by the knowledge that one day, he will die.  And pay for all he’s done.” 

            “I hope that’s true,” said the woman.  “I hope one day, they all pay!”  She rolled over and eventually slept.


Many thanks to C.P. Lesley who can be found here: http://blog.cplesley.com/2013/02/sevenseven-blog-challenge.html


And the seven great authors who will keep the challenge going are: 


G. David Nordley

Jason Malcolm Stewart

Emerian Rich

Laurel Ann Hill

Teresa Fendley

Marlene Dotterer

Valerie Frankel




One Response to “Welcome to the 7/7 Blog Challenge!”

  1. Hazel February 25, 2013 at 6:43 am #

    Good snippet! Sounds like an interesting read too. I love anything in connection to Irish legends.

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