New Novel Out Next Month!

20 Apr

I am pleased to announce that my next novel, The Seal Queen will be available on Kindle early in May (I’m aiming for May 1–an auspicious day for a book steeped in Celtic mythology.  But we’ll see what the universe has in mind.  As they say, if you want to make God laugh, make a plan.)

Here’s the current back cover blurb.  Suggestions for last minute changes are welcome. 

Drawing on Irish folklore, The Seal Queen tells the story of Briah, an escaped slave who finds sanctuary, for herself and her unborn child, on an enchanted beach. There, her life is filled with peace and contented solitude, the joys of motherhood, and even the possibility of love with a merman whose song haunts her dreams. Soon, however, Briah’s magical world is shaken when she discovers that her son is the long-awaited savior and future king of the roane (shape-shifting seals, and gentler cousins of the selkies). Briah wants to help these magical creatures, but she is unwilling to allow her son to become a pawn in their deadly schemes. When faced with the choice between sending!
her child to battle his diabolical father or allowing the Roane to be exterminated, Briah insists on finding a third option. 


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