New From the New Server

4 May

Hi Everyone, and welcome to my first post on  I finally got all my old posts trasnfered, and with help from the nice folks at Hover, was able to keep my original URL.  Hopefully that means that if you typed in, you arrived here.

There’s been a slight delay in the publication of THE SEAL QUEEN (so what else is new, right?  I’ve never felt more like a real author than when I started sweating over deadlines:))  Hopefully, you can have it on your Kindle in less than two weeks.  Paper editions will probably be out in June.  And I hope everyone had a happy Beltane, even without my new book.

I will be at the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Science Fiction Convention (BayCon) over Memorial Day weekend.  I hope all of my readers who happen to be in Northern California at that time will come to the Santa Clara Convention Center for a great convention.  Check out their website at

I will, for the first time, be selling my books in the dealers room this year, along with some other amazing local authors.  I hope to meet some of you who’ve read my books, or dropped by this website.



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