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Oathbreaker’s Daughter is Finally Out!

3 Feb

My new novella is now available on Amazon!

Read the description or follow the link:

Malana, daughter of a nomad chief, is caught up in a deadly quarrel between her father and a neighboring chief. When Malana is dishonored as revenge for her father’s oathbreaking, she knows that only her death can restore her family’s honor. But fate intervenes, offering Malana a new life, full of possibilities she had never imagined. And when her new life is threatened by the old one, Malana discovers that she must not only act to save herself, but her new world as well.

“Oathbreaker’s Daughter” is a 16,000 word novella, set in the world of Kalie’s Journey. It is a stand-alone story, staring all new characters, and is an ideal way for fans of prehistoric fiction to discover the Kalie’s Journey saga.

This short piece is also my way of saying both thank you to my readers, and I’m sorry to keep you waiting for “Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom”, the 3rd novel of Kalie’s Journey. Book 3 will include characters from this novella, and will be released later in 2014.   An excerpt from this novel follows the 53 page novella.