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What’s New in 2015?

4 Jan

Happy New Year, Everyone!

As we ring in 2015, the big news is that Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom will be available in paperback in about a week.  Meanwhile, my heartfelt thanks to nearly 200 people who have already bought Keepers in Kindle format.

Remember all you who have now finished Kalie’s Journey: I need to know who wants a new series (or at least a stand-alone book) about Otera and the founding of the Amazons.  This would probably also involve Kalie and Riyik’s daughter, Melora as well as a few others from the Kalie universe.

Look for upcoming posts about my next novel, From the Ashes, a big departure from prehistoric fiction.  From the Ashes is alternative history, set in a world where Nazi Germany won WWII.

Best wishes in the new year!