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New Novel This Summer

14 Mar

This summer will mark something new.

My first novel outside the Prehistoric Fiction genre will go on sale.

From the Ashes is Alternate History, playing with the old idea of: “What if the Nazis had won WWII?

With a somewhat different twist.  Here’s the teaser:

One of the many plans Heinreich Himmler had for the Thousand Year Reich was to create a series of museums, filled with the books and relics taken from the Jews, even as the Nazis destroyed the people.

What would happen if a group of privileged, yet disillusioned young people, growing up in a future where the Nazi’s won the Second World War, discovered the writings of a people whom their grandparents had murdered—and started reading?

By combining one often-overlooked fact with one very familiar piece of speculation, I have created the alternative history novel FROM THE ASHES.


Sample chapter and cover art to follow soon!