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FROM THE ASHES back cover blurb

13 Apr

So here’s the official description of the new book (also what will appear on the Amazon page and the back cover of the paperback version):

Two generations after Germany won World War II, a lonely college student named Adolf Goebbels wanders into a dusty museum and discovers books and artifacts of a dead race called “Jews”.  Although a member of the Nazi elite, Adolf resents the oppression, fear, and isolation that are part of daily life in the Aryan “paradise” his grandparents helped build.

As he reads the forgotten books, and meets the outcasts who gather at the museum, Adolf discovers a purpose he has long been searching for—and danger he has never imagined.

Based on the real-life Nazi plans to create a series of museums of dead races, this sprawling alternate history novel takes the reader from decadent Berlin, the capital of the Nazi world empire, across the conquered nations of Europe to uncover the startling secrets at the heart of the worldwide Reich.

FROM THE ASHES will be released this summer–hopefully June rather than August.  Look for more info in the coming weeks.