Link to FROM THE ASHES Amazonpage

5 Aug

Some people have been having trouble linking to where they can buy my latest book.  I hope this solves the problem!


One Response to “Link to FROM THE ASHES Amazonpage”

  1. Greg Mucci August 6, 2015 at 5:43 pm #

    Rabbi Adolf??

    This is a different kind of book for Sandy Saidak. Thirty years in the making, it is clearly the book of her heart.

    The story is set in a post – WWII universe in which the Nazi Third Reich has conquered the world and established brutally rigid social stratification, and the near – extermination of “inferior races.” The reader meets a group of privileged Aryan college students who discover a cache of relics from an exterminated race, “The Jews,” in an obscure museum in the slums of Berlin. The mischievous youths, fascinated with these relics and the “race” that produced them become obsessed with studying Judaism. In their clandestine meetings they piece together the Torah and pursue an ongoing game of figuring out Judaism. But then they are accidentally discovered by the Waffen SS. Their escape into hiding and on living the lam leads to an unexpected future for the entire world. In this story Sandy Saidak lays out a challenging, hopeful vision for humanity’s future.

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