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From the Ashes is Selling; But is Anybody Reading it?

19 Sep

I’m delighted to report that in just over two months, From the Ashes has sold over 900 copies!

I’m also very confused.  I’ve gotten only a few reviews on Amazon (mostly positive, thank you all who posted!) none on Goodreads, and no chatter anywhere on the Internet that I can find.  After worrying extensively about negative feedback directed at both my gender and religion, and years of dreaming of passionate discussions (after all, I’ve been working on this project for nearly three decades!) the whole radio silence thing is hard to take 🙂

My entire Kalie’s Journey series, after selling for nearly four years, has never sold as much in a single month as From the Ashes has in the past two.  And this is without any advertising beyond Facebook and Goodreads!

So what’s going on?  Are there Alt-History fans out there who have their Kindles set to automatically buy anything with Alt-History in the title?  And then they read it later?  Or maybe the people who read this genre are not the type who enjoy writing reviews or starting discussion?  Whatever is going on, I’m loving the sales.  But I’m a bit lonely for some discussion.

Anyone with answers, please post!