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Mesopotamia: A Bronze Age Adventure

7 Feb

In addition to wanting to tell the world about my new book, I also want to send out a thank you to the man who inspired it.

Sam Barone, author of the Eskkar series, is my mirror image.  We both write about the clash between settled farmers and barbarian horsemen at the dawn of civilization.  But we come at the same material from completely different perspectives.  Feminist vs. Military Historian?  Idealism vs. Realism?  Barbarian vs. Goddess Worshiper?

I don’t know which one comes the closest to explaining.  All I know is that I read his novella Rogue Warriors, and fell in love with the villains’ audacious plan.  I quickly decided there needed to be a new story–this time, from the bad guys’ viewpoint.

So, with permission from the author who gave me the idea, I wrote my first Bronze Age Adventure.  Will there be others?  Only the Goddess knows.

Check out Sam’s website, and if you haven’t yet discovered his books, start with Dawn of Empire!




And The Lastest Publication is…

2 Feb

I hope all my fans will enjoy this somewhat off-beat adventure set in early Mesopotamia!