Link to FROM THE ASHES Amazonpage

5 Aug

Some people have been having trouble linking to where they can buy my latest book.  I hope this solves the problem!


From the Ashes: An Alternate History Novel is Now Out!

14 Jul

The novel I’ve spent 20 years writing is now available on Amazon in kindle format.

I hope those of you who have enjoyed my prehistoric fiction will give this foray into the old question, “What if Germany had won WWII?” a try.  And I hope to hear what you think of it.

Those who prefer to stick with prehistory, fear not.  There will be not one, but two new works coming in 2016!


Confessions of a Bookaholic, by Emily V

5 Jul

While waiting for From the Ashes, check out this awesome Author Spotlight!

From the Ashes Will Be Released in July

24 Jun

While I don’t know which day, I can now say with (reasonable) certainty that my first Alternate History novel will be released sometime next month.

For those wishing to know a little more about the book than what’s in the back cover blurb, here’s a look at the Author’s Note, which gives some of the history and evolution of this project:

This book began more than twenty years ago, when I saw a documentary on Simon Wiesenthal, that described Himmler’s plan to create museums of dead races.  I immediately saw the possibilities for an alternate history story (at the time I naively believed it would be a short story!)

Soon after that, in another documentary, I learned of how Joseph and Magda Goebbels poisoned their six daughters before killing themselves on the day Hitler died.  I knew at once that my protagonist had to be the grandson of Joseph Goebbels: propagandist, fanatic, the kind of man who could murder his own children rather than let them live in a world without Hitler.  (Admittedly later, when I learned more about the atrocities committed by Russian soldiers against German civilians, I began to see the Goebbels’ actions differently.  When my mother compared their actions to Masada, my perception did a complete turnabout.)

My first problem, however, was how to keep Adolf’s last name Goebbels, since the documentary had clearly stated that all six children were girls.  After agonizing with me for some time, my husband suddenly shouted: “If Joseph and Magda didn’t die, they could have had more children!”  Yes!  Perfect!  After all, the youngest was only four when she died in 1945.  So I invented Wilhelm Goebbels, who became Adolf’s father.  Then, after about twelve years, several rewrites and the invention of the internet, I learned that Goebbels actually had five daughters and one son.  (A member of my writing group thoughtfully sent me several web articles and a whole batch of pictures.)

After uttering a few words which will not be printed here, I sat down to begin the next rewrite.  It wasn’t that big a deal, I told myself.  Just hit Ctrl F and Ctrl H:  Find Wilhelm; replace with Helmut.  Except it was a big deal.  Bringing a nine year old boy back from the dead so I could turn him into a convenient villain became a very big deal to me.  Maybe that child would have grown into the tyrant he is in this novel.  But we’ll never know, because he never got the chance to grow into an adult of any kind.  In an effort to show respect for this little boy, and his sisters (who do not appear in this book) I learned all I could of the real Helmut Goebbels, and incorporated all five sentences into this novel.  So little, and yet it speaks volumes.

Also included are several stories people have told me over the years.  Within the pages of this fantasy of what might have been, I have incorporated all the reality I could, even the most obscure bits.  And if you are one of the people who told me one of those stories, my short “Acknowledgement” section is not nearly enough to express my thanks.

FROM THE ASHES back cover blurb

13 Apr

So here’s the official description of the new book (also what will appear on the Amazon page and the back cover of the paperback version):

Two generations after Germany won World War II, a lonely college student named Adolf Goebbels wanders into a dusty museum and discovers books and artifacts of a dead race called “Jews”.  Although a member of the Nazi elite, Adolf resents the oppression, fear, and isolation that are part of daily life in the Aryan “paradise” his grandparents helped build.

As he reads the forgotten books, and meets the outcasts who gather at the museum, Adolf discovers a purpose he has long been searching for—and danger he has never imagined.

Based on the real-life Nazi plans to create a series of museums of dead races, this sprawling alternate history novel takes the reader from decadent Berlin, the capital of the Nazi world empire, across the conquered nations of Europe to uncover the startling secrets at the heart of the worldwide Reich.

FROM THE ASHES will be released this summer–hopefully June rather than August.  Look for more info in the coming weeks.

New Novel This Summer

14 Mar

This summer will mark something new.

My first novel outside the Prehistoric Fiction genre will go on sale.

From the Ashes is Alternate History, playing with the old idea of: “What if the Nazis had won WWII?

With a somewhat different twist.  Here’s the teaser:

One of the many plans Heinreich Himmler had for the Thousand Year Reich was to create a series of museums, filled with the books and relics taken from the Jews, even as the Nazis destroyed the people.

What would happen if a group of privileged, yet disillusioned young people, growing up in a future where the Nazi’s won the Second World War, discovered the writings of a people whom their grandparents had murdered—and started reading?

By combining one often-overlooked fact with one very familiar piece of speculation, I have created the alternative history novel FROM THE ASHES.


Sample chapter and cover art to follow soon!

What’s New in 2015?

4 Jan

Happy New Year, Everyone!

As we ring in 2015, the big news is that Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom will be available in paperback in about a week.  Meanwhile, my heartfelt thanks to nearly 200 people who have already bought Keepers in Kindle format.

Remember all you who have now finished Kalie’s Journey: I need to know who wants a new series (or at least a stand-alone book) about Otera and the founding of the Amazons.  This would probably also involve Kalie and Riyik’s daughter, Melora as well as a few others from the Kalie universe.

Look for upcoming posts about my next novel, From the Ashes, a big departure from prehistoric fiction.  From the Ashes is alternative history, set in a world where Nazi Germany won WWII.

Best wishes in the new year!