See You on the Flip Side!

20 Jul

First, I want to thank everyone who has read, commented or generally hung out on this website. This was my first venture into the world of blogging, web design and marketing my books, and it was totally worthwhile!

After careful consideration, I have decided to stop posting on this site. Please join me on my new Facebook Author Page.

Happy Anniversary!

19 Nov

Five years ago today, my first novel, Daughter of the Goddess Lands was published on Amazon.  It’s been an amazing journey since then.  I’d like to thank everyone who has purchased, read, reviewed or just enjoyed any of the now eight titles I have out there.

I’d also like to ask for patience, as my current project–a Civil War time travel novel–is going to take at least another year to finish.

Lastly, I’d like to ask anyone in the UK for help in solving a mystery: why is From the Ashes selling so well there?  It’s outselling all my books in the U.S.  So how does that work?

Thanks again to everyone reading this post.


Uncertain Stars Availble Now

19 May

Waltz Vicarious, my short story that mixes ballroom dancing with a unique superpower, has found a home in the amazing collection, Uncertain Stars: Speculative Fiction of Silicon Valley, available on Amazon in paperback.

Among the many fine authors to showcase their work in this anthology is my fellow folklore-based writer Patricia Leslie.  Her hippie-era story The Hike is a treat not to be missed–and she tells my most of what’s in this first-person story actually happened!

Patricia will be joining me at the Berkeley Book Festival on June 4-5.  Check out her work at:




Mesopotamia: A Bronze Age Adventure

7 Feb

In addition to wanting to tell the world about my new book, I also want to send out a thank you to the man who inspired it.

Sam Barone, author of the Eskkar series, is my mirror image.  We both write about the clash between settled farmers and barbarian horsemen at the dawn of civilization.  But we come at the same material from completely different perspectives.  Feminist vs. Military Historian?  Idealism vs. Realism?  Barbarian vs. Goddess Worshiper?

I don’t know which one comes the closest to explaining.  All I know is that I read his novella Rogue Warriors, and fell in love with the villains’ audacious plan.  I quickly decided there needed to be a new story–this time, from the bad guys’ viewpoint.

So, with permission from the author who gave me the idea, I wrote my first Bronze Age Adventure.  Will there be others?  Only the Goddess knows.

Check out Sam’s website, and if you haven’t yet discovered his books, start with Dawn of Empire!



And The Lastest Publication is…

2 Feb

I hope all my fans will enjoy this somewhat off-beat adventure set in early Mesopotamia!

From the Ashes is Selling; But is Anybody Reading it?

19 Sep

I’m delighted to report that in just over two months, From the Ashes has sold over 900 copies!

I’m also very confused.  I’ve gotten only a few reviews on Amazon (mostly positive, thank you all who posted!) none on Goodreads, and no chatter anywhere on the Internet that I can find.  After worrying extensively about negative feedback directed at both my gender and religion, and years of dreaming of passionate discussions (after all, I’ve been working on this project for nearly three decades!) the whole radio silence thing is hard to take 🙂

My entire Kalie’s Journey series, after selling for nearly four years, has never sold as much in a single month as From the Ashes has in the past two.  And this is without any advertising beyond Facebook and Goodreads!

So what’s going on?  Are there Alt-History fans out there who have their Kindles set to automatically buy anything with Alt-History in the title?  And then they read it later?  Or maybe the people who read this genre are not the type who enjoy writing reviews or starting discussion?  Whatever is going on, I’m loving the sales.  But I’m a bit lonely for some discussion.

Anyone with answers, please post!

A Thank You to My Readers

21 Aug

I just wanted to thank the more than 400 people who bought FROM THE ASHES in barely over a month.

I also want to thank the 3 people who reviewed the book.

Now, can anyone explain why everyone’s buying it and only a few are talking about it?  I can’t tell if there’s an entire demographic out there who buy every Alt-History that comes out, then take their time to get to them (after all, that;s a lot of books) or if people are reading and just not feeling like reviewing.  Or maybe a third option I haven’t thought of.

It’s all fine with me.  I’d just like to hear what people think 🙂

And does anyone know WHY a book I’ve hardly even advertised is outselling all my other books combined?

Just wondering.  Keep reading, everyone.